Living In Yokohama Mailing List

Living in Yokohama Mailing List

The Living in Yokohama Mailing list is a forum where you can post messages to other people who are living in or near Yokohama, Kanagawa Ken, Japan.

Subscribing to the List

To join the list send the any message to the list server at the following address:


Or try entering your email address in the box below and clicking the Enter Group button.

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Within 24 hours you should then get information about the list from the list server and you should be able to post messages to the list at the same address. Keep this information in a safe place as it contains details about how to leave the list. Also, when posting a message please be patient, it can take up to 6 hours for a reply depending on the state of the list server. If you don't get a message after a day or so please contact the human who maintains the list.

Leaving the list

Just send any message,


and you should be unsubscribed from the list.

Sending mail to the List

The list is pretty quiet at times so please do send a message of introduction and feel free to start off a topic of conversation.

To post a message to everyone on the list send:

Subject: your subject here:

The Scope of the list

There are no rules about what to talk about except that I would ask that you please try and stay on topics that will be of general interest to people living in Yokohama. For example you'll probably get a better answer to computer hardware and software topics on the appropriate USENET groups but people in Yokohama will probably be able to tell you where in Yokohama to buy something.

Feel free to put some sort of tag at the start of  your Subject to help people get to figure out the general topic of the mail. E.g.

[Announcement] XYZ meeting will be held...
[Wanted] A new XYZ...
[Help] Where to buy a XYZ...
[Off Topic] What does this mean.....

Subjects not suitable for this list include:

Advertising the List

Please do advertise the existance of this list to anyone living in Yokohama. The more people that join and post messages the more useful it will become. Internet mailing lists are the prime community building medium of Cyberspace and of the 21st Century. It's your list.

If you have a homepage do make a link to this page using the banner at the top if you feel it is appropriate.


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